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Enduro Sidecar

Our new EnduroPodd sidecar has created a lot of interest and we have had a great many enquiries.
We hope to be producing the first examples in late Spring. The EnduroPodd will have a chunky spaceframe, unique removeable body, lots of waterproof lockable storage, a seat comfortable for 1 1/2 adults or two children, plus many exciting options.
If you are the adventurous type, or if you just enjoy your rallies or camping trips, this is the sidecar for you. Leisure battery to power your electric gizmos, winch, camping stove, gas bottle storage, tent rack, supplementary fuel tank... These are just some of the options that we will be offering.

EnduroPodd will be built to the same high standard as all Motopodds and will of course, include our own, uniquely modern approach to sidecar design.

We have had a very busy year, which has slowed our progress with this project, we haven't had time to build a demonstrator. However, if you are like the sound of the above, please do get in touch as we can build you one as one off.

Call us today to find out more about these exciting new sidecars from Motopodd